Microsoft Shifts Enterprise Telephony to the Cloud

  Microsoft has recently revealed plans to favor enterprise telephony as a part of its Office 365 services within the company’s latest Lync to Skype for business re-branding. This does not require an on-premise enterprise server. There are several choices for utilizing the Skype cloud for business as discussed in the subsequent sections.   The… Read More »

Beware of Cheap Reseller Hosting Issues

  Well, you get what you pay for, and the cheap reseller hosting packages are a fine example of this good old saying. If you’re planning to run a web hosting business just replying on a so-called cheap unlimited web hosting package that offers 100gb windows reseller hosting space (or something similar), then you should… Read More »

A Brief Guide to Google Web Hosting

  If you wish to create your own website, but don’t want to spend on domain registration, and hosting then Google web hosting i.e. Google Sites is one of the best options, alongside wordpress. com, blogger. com, blog. com, typepad. com and other free blogging platforms. However, using Google Sites isn’t that straight-forward, and having… Read More »

Are Hosting Providers Making the Most of M-Commerce Boom?

    Over the last few years, mobile commerce has taken giant steps, and it seems to have become the buzzword across the globe almost in every sector, as mobile devices have turned out to be crucial sales channels with millions of individuals accessing internet over their mobile on a daily basis.Devices like smartphones and… Read More »

Importance of Google HTTPS Algorithm for Web Hosting Providers

  Recently, Google revealed the act that safe websites imply a more secure and better internet on the whole, which means that the search engine giant will provide search preference to the sites rendering secure connection through HTTPS to their website visitors. So, it’s being speculated that HTTPS may also be a ranking indicator for… Read More »

Differences between Leased and Managed Dedicated Servers

As a web host, it is important that you are able to offer as much flexibility to your customers as possible. Big enterprises often go for dedicated servers, while some of SMEs opt for leased servers. Being a hosting provider, you should know the differences between these two services, before you consider any of them… Read More »

Security Threats to Dedicated Server Hosting Services

Many businesses and enterprises prefer dedicated hosting services for their data storage solutions. They do so for multiple reasons but one of the common factors is control. Unlike shared server hosting, in case of dedicated hosting you get a dedicated server that can be configured and maintained entirely by you just the way your business… Read More »