How Feasible is it to Invest in Cloud Computing Industry?

  There is no denial to the fact that the term “cloud computing” has definitely become the biggest buzzword of 21st century. It is actually a generic term that can mean different things for different people. In its simplest form, it can be explained as simple process of using data centers with a lot of… Read More »

Spotlight on Awareness of Cloud Apps in Midsize Business Industry

  Cloud computing has turned out to be one of the biggest boons for businesses, particularly small to midsize businesses. This is because they benefit from eradicating the need to deploy physical infrastructure such as email and file servers, shrink-wrap software or storage systems. Employees and business partners can collaborate in a hassle-free way anytime,… Read More »

Does Your Business Really Need Cloud Computing?

  Cloud computing has been hyped as a great progressive solution for people with no access to the required hardware; it is also an awesome technological advancement, but still there’s a lot of confusion as to who needs the cloud power, and why.   Ever since Amazon’s AWS platform was launched and a new glossary… Read More »

Top 10 Cloud Hosting Myths Busted

  According to Gartner, one of the leading research firms, cloud computing is distinctively vulnerable to the threats of myths surrounding this subject. Such myths slow down the progress, while inducing fear and impeding innovation at the same time, thus hindering the progress of an evolving technology. So, here’s a quick look at some of… Read More »

7 Remarkable Cloud Initiatives to Watch Out for in 2021

  Cloud indeed continues to be the buzzword, and despite having covered latest buzz about Cloud Hosting in 2021, I’m covering another post yet again, to throw some light on 7 remarkable cloud initiatives that one must keep an eye on.   With the mounting uses and lots of investment being made, the sector of… Read More »

3 Obvious Business Benefits of Cloud Computing

  Despite plenty of obvious benefits of cloud computing, we see that there are countless myths and misconceptions surrounding the cloud platform. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to understand why cloud remains a ubiquitous phenomenon to date, even though it is extensively used by smartphone apps, tech firms, top business organizations, research outfits, gaming labs, SMBs/SMEs,… Read More »

Future of Web Hosting Industry and Growth

Future of Web Hosting Industry and Growth For web hosts, the industry is changing very quickly and adapting to the changing characteristics of the modern hosting industry is a huge challenge in itself to say the least. Good or bad, the future of the industry is going to be even more dynamic than it is… Read More »

A Quick Look into OpenStack, Cloud Stack, and the Cloud API

  The battle of CloudStack against OpenStack is not very significant as it’s just a step towards advanced cloud management. To begin with, these platforms were devised as cloud computing has turned out to be an integral aspect for several companies. The big thrust came in for logical cloud-level management, which could offer several ways… Read More »

How Does Cloud Security Score Over Data Centers?

  Cloud computing may have become a buzzword, but it certainly hasn’t earned a good reputation for the security aspect, though it’s expected to soon offer more enhanced security when compared to the conventional on-premise IT security. If you are wondering why, read on to find out! If you are concerned about the security of… Read More »